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Axle is a family of vessels which combine ancient glass techniques with contemporary innovation, challenging what is possible with the material today. Led by an interest in the complex
relationship between the digital and the hand-made form, Axle uses 3D modelling software to develop the designs for his work. These are then transferred into wood with a CNC cutting process to make moulds that can be used in combination with traditional glass blowing techniques to create multiple vessels.


The title of the collection comes from the method of movement used to forge it; replicating that of an axle as a turning object or rotator used to move structures and generate momentum. Inspired by the processes of industrial manufacturing, Ford seeks to combine technical excellence and precision with the creation of objects that are precious and unique. By transferring a digital model into physical craft materials, he creates an evolution from a computer coded object into a three-dimensional form that carries the characteristics of both processes. 

Please inquire prices via email REF: AxleTwo

Photography by Simon Bruntnell 

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