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Biome Series 2022 

Biome is a sculptural and physical adaptation of vessels evolving from the ‘Axle Collection’ debuted by Ford at this year's Jerwood Makers Open and Collect 2022 in London UK. They combine ancient glass techniques with contemporary innovation, challenging what is possible with the material today. Led by an interest in the complex relationship between the digital and the hand-made form, Ford primarily uses 3D modelling software to develop the designs for his work. These are then transferred into wood with a CNC cutting process to make moulds that can be used in combination with traditional glass blowing techniques to create multiple vessels. 


Sculptural elements are then sculpted and fitted to the upper sections to accentuate the body form. Emitting a type of human response to the digitally rendered shaping. Enabling this craftsman to form an identity directly into the structural series without being overshadowed by the integrity of the computerised response.


Please inquire through email for pricing and shipping, Thank you. 

REF: Biome2022 

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