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Vase and Lighting Collection

Breathe is a glassware collaboration by glass artist Jahday Ford and digital programmer Joseph Hillary. Using the process of recording, digital rendering and wood moulding it has successfully bonded the concept of digital-craft. Applying two widely diverse fields of making into one product seemed difficult at the beginning, although the relationship between the maker and the process became the focal point of its manifestation. After recording the sound of blowing into the iron, it provided a platform for the wave pattern to be transferred into a visual stimulus. This sound wave is then manipulated into a three dimensional form using basic tools and software in Solidworks. With this data or ‘G-code’, we processed a beech-wood mould using a CNC router to accurately mill the desired shape and digital lining out of solid wood. Since the outer membrane of glass is molten it effectively lines the surface with each detail and cools the inner area therefore capturing a fascinating natural process that has been occurring before the birth of humanity.


Manchester School of Art Degree Show 2017

New Designers London Week-2 2017 

London Design Junction Rado Star Exhibit 2017

Manchester Craft & Design 12th Annual Exhitbition 2018

Lincolnshire National Centre for Craft & Design 'Class of 2017'

(Please email for price enquires or more information) 

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